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We care deeply for equine and their care.  We are dedicated to building a vibrant community of resources for education and networking of equine, with emphasis on our rescue community.  ♦ Do you want to add a horse to your family? ♦ Want to support the efforts of some trustworthy rescue organizations? ♦ We will herald the organizations who are knee deep in rescue efforts, whether it be snatching equine from dire situations, rehabilitation or securing new homes.

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♦ Are you wanting to learn groundwork activities to strengthen your partnership with your equine?  ♦  Looking for Equine nutrition information?  ♦ It's a constant and fluid journey in learning tools to best help ourselves and our equine.  Our aim is to give you an opportunity to say, "I just learned..." today after your visit to our site.  We will continually update and expand the resource library, for the benefit of all involved in the keeping of equine.  

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♦ Are you struggling with a life-changing event and need help caring for your equine?  ♦ Your horse needs a new home?  ♦  We  endeavor to connect folks looking for resources and assistance with those that can provide it.