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Equine Behavior

Expand your understanding of equine behavior through these resources

Equine Behavior

Files & Articles

Links to downloaded files and articles of particular interest to folks engaged in equine care and ownership.

Files & Articles

Hoof Care

Relevant links to articles and groups focused on hoof care.



Nutrition for equine varies based on the individual as well as the feed stuff supplies available.  

More on Nutrition


Equine rehabilitation links for equine owners and professionals to stimulate thought-provoking ways to restore vitality to the equine in their care. 

More on Rehabilitation


Opportunities to increase your knowledge of handling, riding and advanced equine partnerships.


♦ Equine Behavior ♦

Calming Signals of Horses

Research work by  Rachaël Draaisma : A clearer understanding of equine body language allows horse handlers and riders to avoid undue stress in their horses and improve the partnership through communication and attention to their horses’ wellbeing.  

Calming Signals PDF's found under 'Files & Articles' tab.

Visit the Calming Signals of Horses Website

Habituation v. Learned Helplessness

Learn about a welfare-friendly way to desensitize horses. 

Question & Answer published in 'The Horse' online.

Read the Q & A here

♦ Hoof Care ♦

Pete Ramey

Barefoot trimming and excellent hoof care recommendations, including diagnostic discussions.

Hoof Rehab Help FB page

Basic Hoof Care

"Top 10 Hoof Care Tips to Help Keep Your Horse's Hooves Healthy and Strong" by Farrier Chris Volk - Practical Horseman magazine

10 Hoof Care Tips

Equus Magazince Hoof Care links

Find basic and advanced hoof care discussion here.

Equus Magazine Hoof Care

♦ Nutrition ♦

Nutrition 101

Equine Nutrition - The Horse

Nutrition 101

Rural Heritage Magazine Nutrition

Valuable information for readers, with particular focus on draft breeds.  General information for all horses, too.

Rural Heritage nutrition

♦ Rehabilitation ♦

HEAL - Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema

HEAL is a family business, specializing in raising awareness, educating and empowering the horse community about equine lymphedema. We are owned and operated by Theresa and Paul Mueller, both certified equine massage professionals. HEAL was born from a tremendous passion to improve the performance, well-being and quality of life of horses. 

Find out more about HEAL

♦ Training ♦

Missy Wryn - Holistic Horse Trainer

Missy’s Training the Whole Horse® methods teach relationship and instinct based communication that enhances safety on the ground and under saddle.  Listening to subtle communication signals are skills that Missy teaches her students, clients and audience to recognize, acknowledge and address before the horse starts shouting in inappropriate and dangerous ways. 

Find out more about Missy Wryn